A cobbler from Pittsburgh's past juxtaposed with a woman on her way somewhere in current day Pittsburgh's Strip District.
Together we can Expand Opportunity for everyone.
Without reliable transportation, people are cut off from jobs and other opportunities. We’re expanding transit options to connect all of our neighborhoods to social and economic hubs. Learn More
A view overlooking old Pittsburgh mills and their air pollution juxtaposed with future plans for Pittsburgh's Lower Hill district with clear blue skies.
Together we can Improve Health for everyone.
We know that poor air quality affects people’s health. We’re taking bold steps to reduce emissions and pollution. Learn More
A streetcar from Pittsburgh's past juxtaposed with a bus from current day Pittsburgh.
Together we can Increase Mobility for everyone.
Lack of transportation and mobility affect quality of life. Using technology to improve public transportation helps residents who rely on it most. Learn More
Pedestrians crossing the street in smoky, old Pittsburgh juxtaposed with cyclists in current day downtown Pittsburgh.
Together we can Promote Safety for everyone.
A quarter of commuters take public transportation to work and nearly 10% walk or bike. Smart infrastructure can collect and transmit data to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Learn More

What is SmartPGH?

SmartPGH isn’t simply our next transportation project. It’s a chance for us to build an infrastructure that embodies our values.

SmartPGH was conceived to reconnect displaced communities to jobs, education and essential services. Through the USDOT Smart City Challenge grant and others like it, we’ll use technology to develop the kind of safe, reliable transit all Pittsburghers deserve.

We’re on the cusp of a new revolution in transportation and information technology that has the potential to change the way we live and work.