Workforce Development Pipeline

Forging New Pathways

Advanced industries employ 12.3 million US workers and produce $2.7 trillion dollars in revenue, nearly 20% of the country’s gross domestic product. In Pittsburgh, 95,000 workers are employed in this industry. According to the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, this industry is seen as a major ‘Opportunity Sector’ in our region.

Valentina Scholar, startup founder

“[Pittsburgh] is a city that is transitioning and there’s a lot of change happening, and I think, as someone of my age—I’m in my early 30s—you can be part of that…it’s great for startups. I started my own thing last year, bike tours.”
—Valentina Scholar

Pittsburgh will work with local universities, vendors and employers to align education and job training priorities with this rapidly growing market. In fact, new research from Bruce Katz of The Brookings Institution suggests that more than 50% of the emerging jobs in our region in these fields will require less than a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree. Clearly, the opportunity to connect residents of all backgrounds and education levels with well-paying jobs is within our grasp, especially when harnessing the potential innovation and investment of SmartPGH.

Pittsburgh is designated as both a “TechHire” and “Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership” city. Carnegie Mellon University’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) cybersecurity think tank and the cybersecurity programs at the University of Pittsburgh are some of the most advanced in the country.

In order to take advantage of workforce opportunities presented by growth in the advanced industries and cybersecurity fields, SmartPGH will:

  • Develop both an Advanced Manufacturing Certificate and a Cybersecurity Certificate with a local higher education institution.
  • Release an RFP in advanced manufacturing and cybersecurity training to leverage and scale existing programs.
  • Create advanced manufacturing and cybersecurity advisory groups to examine best practices, monitor trends, and engage employers.